Marble Types

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Marble Types

Marble, which was frequently preferred in artistic fields due to its durability in ancient times, is today in the market as the most important material of the construction and building sector. Marble, which is defined as the composition formed as a result of the recrystallization of dolomitic limestones and limestones as a result of metomorphism, contains 98% calcium and a low amount of magnesium carbonate in its compositions. The main mineral of marble, which consists of calcium carbonate crystals, is calcite. Marble varieties mostly have blue and grayish colors.

Marble Types and Usage Areas

Marble types, which have suitable structures and properties according to their usage areas, differ from each other in terms of pattern, size and quality. When choosing a marble type, you should first consider in which area you will use it. Marble types and the details you need to pay attention to when choosing are listed as follows;
  • In which area will you use the marble you prefer
  • Physical conditions of the area you use
  • Color selection
  • The type of marble you choose should have permeability and hardness
  • Machinability gloss and quality
Marble varieties occupies a very important place in the market as decoration materials with a very elegant and aesthetic appearance. Marble, which has many varieties in terms of the color and structure of the quarry in which it is produced, produces very stylish and old results in almost every area where it is used. Marble, which both beautifies the area it is used in and protects it from adverse conditions such as water, humidity, has been used for many different purposes in human life for centuries. Marbles, which are mostly used in the construction sector today, were more preferred in artistic fields centuries ago. Marbles, which were used in the manufacture of sculptures, ornaments, and tombstones at that time, are now used in kitchen tool realities, decoration products, flooring on stairs, interior and exterior flooring, floor coverings of areas such as bathrooms, toilets and corridors, and many more.

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